Bringing Concrete into the home

Concrete has a long history of being widely used in workshops, factories and other industrial settings as a result of its relatively low price point and ability to withstand a whole lot of wear and tear. 

If you’re feeling bold, introduce stained and polished concrete flooring into your home. If that sounds like a bridge too far (or a cheque too large), compromise with utilitarian accessories. Concrete pots - or terracotta pots painted grey to look like the real deal - are a great option, as are concrete tops on many furniture surfaces. 

As it is such a heavy material, however, sometimes a concrete look is all you really want – particularly for those of us who aren’t built like the Hulk. Take, for instance, our Vintage Industrial coffee table; it ticks all the style boxes and, being made of fibreglass, you don’t need to hire a forklift to get it into your living room!