3 steps to creating a winning backyard

The importance of zoning an outdoor space to complement versatile family living is paramount. Beacon Lighting have you covered with their DIY Quick connect system that can transform any exterior be it a lush garden or courtyard into an entertainers oasis.

Here are 3 quick tips to create a winning space.

Step 1. The key to great lighting design is in the planning. Think about which features or areas in your garden you’d like to highlight, such as pathways, shrubbery, trees, BBQ area or deck.

Step 2. Shop the extensive Quick Connect range for a selection of lighting. Step and deck lights define the entertaining spaces and provide much needed light when you’re moving around at night. Install spike spots in and around greenery and bollards along pathways to create ambience, and get creative with ribbon lighting under benches.

Step 3. Complete your customised garden lighting design with our easy-to-install wiring kits and accessories. You can place the lights anywhere and hide the cables underneath stones, dirt or whatever is in your garden. No power supply in your garden? No problem. Our DIY Solar Cell Solar Garden Power Cell Kit is the ideal partner for the Quick Connect System.

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